About Jill

Growing up on Lake Huron in Michigan and encouraged by her grandmother, Jill Rinke was passionate about skin care at an early age. She was a print model as a teenager, and when many classmates were basking in the sun, Jill was attentive about preventing future damage. Now, three decades later, the former flight attendant is helping clients feel healthier and happier about their appearance as the owner of R3 Radiant Skin Care in Centerville.

After a 23-year career as a flight attendant, Jill worked for a physician and eventually earned her esthetician’s license when her husband relocated to Dayton for a job in 2006. She gained valuable experience at salons and dermatologists, and earned an array of certifications, before opening R3 Radiant Skin Care last May.

Jill’s client base rapidly grew with men and women alike, from their 20s all the way to seniors.